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Upgrade to corporate online banking

Kina Bank's Corporate Online Banking platform has undergone a redesign to make it more user friendly. It also comes with a series of new features including scheduled payments and salary crediting. Customers can now make salary payments to other local banks in PNG and we've introduced a new fortnightly payment frequency to suit customer payment cycles.

 Full Year 2020 Results

Kina Securities Limited delivered planned acquisition gains and maintained growth, as reported for the 12 months to 31 December 2020. NPAT was up 25% on the prior corresponding period and Revenue up 53%. For full details, check out the ASX announcement and investor presentation

Konnect on Bmobile

Kina Bank's USSD mobile banking platform, Konnect, is now available on the Bmobile network giving more customers the ability to check balances, view statements, transfer money and make payments, and pre-pay for power and mobile top-up services. Konnect is now available on both major mobile networks reaching across PNG. 

Prime Minister’s Back to Business Breakfast 2021 speech

Kina Bank sponsored the 2021 Prime Minister's Back to Business Breakfast for the fourth year in a row on Thursday 4 February, presenting government ministers and senior business leaders with Kina's economic outlook for 2021. Lesieli Taviri, Executive General Manager for Banking, also spoke about Kina's plans for the proposed acquisition of Westpac Pacific. Read the full speech hereOpens in new window .

Announcing the acquisition of Westpac's Pacific businesses

On Monday Kina Bank announced it's proposed acquisition of Westpac's Pacific businesses in PNG and Fiji in alignment with its strategy to become a larger scale regional bank. Chief Executive Officer Greg Pawson held an investor conference on Monday afternoon followed by a Q&A. Read the full transcript hereOpens in new window .

New online foreign exchange platform

Kina Bank announced a new partnership with Everest Network to develop a digital platform, via online and smartphone app, that allows customers to transfer money overseas and trade in foreign currency. In an exclusive interview with Business Advantage PNG, Chief Executive Officer Greg Pawson said: "This platform will be available to everyone, including those who don’t already bank with Kina Bank. With the Everest platform, you can upload your identification digitally, there is a facial recognition capacity built in. It uses the latest in biometric identity and virtual account creation capabilities. Customers will be able to use their passport as ID to self-register digitally and they won’t need to visit a branch or submit paper documents."
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ATM cards accepted for online payments

Kina Bank’s internet payment gateway can now accept non-EMV chip cards so that all customers can pay for goods and services online. The platform has robust security measures in place and is a more reliable system than others in the market.

Powering PNG

The Immigration and Citizenship Authority is the latest government department to sign-up for Kina Bank’s internet payment gateway. Customers can make visa and citizenship applications online and the gateway allows users to pay for multiple applications in a single transaction. The latest development in e-government from Kina Bank comes in partnership with local fintech company NiuPayOpens in new window . The e-government solution was piloted earlier this year with the Lands DepartmentOpens in new window .

Swift GPI tracking International Payments

In early November, the bank introduced Swift GPI to make international payments quick and easy. Using a unique code, payments can be tracked in real time from end-to-end between correspondent banks, with full visibility as to where the payment is, its progress and any fees incurred. 

Visa Card Control

Customers can now manage their Visa cards via Internet Banking with Kina Bank’s new card control feature. It allows customers to block and unblock cards if they suspect their card has been lost or stolen; and put in place controls for where, when and how the card is used when it’s active. 

Service Excellence

Kina Bank continued its commitment to strong culture engagement with a roadshow promoting the bank’s values and behaviours. New Exec General Manager Banking, Lesieli Taviri held a series of workshops across the country and Chief Executive Officer Greg Pawson presented staff with service excellence awards.   

New Volunteer Program with Kokoda Track Foundation

Kina Bank launched a new mentor program at the Motu Koita FODE centre in September. Kina Bank staff provide one to one coaching for students helping them with the studies, assessments and to prepare for exams. The program comes as part of Kina Bank’s sustainability initiative to ‘help create the workforce of the future’ so that communities can thrive. Read moreOpens in new window