At a Glance

Kina's History

Kina was established in 1985 as a funds administrator and stockbroker based in Port Moresby, PNG. In 1998, Kina established Kina Finance Limited (KFL) to undertake lending activities, Kina Investment Superannuation Services Ltd (KISS) to undertake the Group’s fund administration function and Kina Nominees Limited (KNL) to undertake trustee and custodial services. In 1999, Kina established Kina Funds Management Limited (KFM) to provide corporate and investment management advice. In 2002, BPNG granted licences for KISS and KFM to operate as an investment manager and fund administrator, respectively. Kina acquired a home lending business, PNG Home Finance in 2005 in order to expand its client base and product offering.

In 2015 two major events occurred which fundamentally transformed the company. The first was the PGK350 million acquisition of Maybank PNG, the PNG banking operations of Malayan Banking Berhad, elevating Kina to the ranks of PNG’s fourth largest bank in PNG and arguably the most diversified financial services company in the country. The other major event was the highly successful initial public offering (IPO) of Kina shares and the accompanying listing on the Australian and Port Moresby Stock Exchanges.